Why submit?

LO uses photos as a way to communicate about the restoration site and about your work. We like to use your photos in two ways: as an archival record, and as a way to communicate about Living Observatory and your work on social media. We always give credit to the photographer. Please consider downloading your images after every visit for our archives.

Just make sure you follow these steps

1. Select your photos of interest

2. Save As - When exporting your photos make sure you have selected the highest possible resolution and the file format ".png"  

Please use the following naming convention:

year_month_date_research group_name of anyone photographed_suquential number_original image number_cr_your name

example: 2016_08_10_MITSeaGrant_RobVincent_1_img_2666_cr_rvincent; 2016_08_10_MITSeaGrant_GroupPhoto_2_img_2688_cr_rvincent

3. Describe the Event. Please write us a quick response of the event, about 150 words. Include the following: 

a. Why your group was visiting.
b. Who was part of the group.
c. What sites, or which parts of Tidmarsh, you visited.
d. What you did.
e. Any exciting results that you got. 

4. Caption. Write a quick caption for each photo. Make sure the number on the caption corresponds to the sequential number of the photo you are describing. Your caption should include the name, title and institution of anyone pictured. It should also include the name or type of equipment being shown/used.

5. Attribute. Let us know who took the pictures. While we like to have the credit part of the image title, it does not hurt to reiterate their name, title, and institution here. 

6. Check out and share your photos! Make sure you visit our social media and like your photos!