Living Observatory is a public interest learning community founded in 2011 to complement the comprehensive stream and wetland restoration at Tidmarsh Farms. In 2015 we incorporated as a 501(c)3 not for profit organization with the following mission, goals, and values.


To tell the long-term story of the Tidmarsh Farms Wetland Restoration and to advance scientific knowledge and public understanding of wetland ecology.


Observe, document and interpret the ecosystem functions of restored wetlands at Tidmarsh Farms over 20+ years.

Develop metrics and methods that can be used to evaluate ecological restoration projects

Build an interdisciplinary learning community of technologists, scientists, artists, educators, students and others who develop research projects that measure change in function and create experiences that allow the public to witness these changes. 

Support social, economic and scientific understanding of ecological restoration and human lifestyle choices, including the decisions by landowners as they take agricultural wetlands out of production.


Learning - Every interaction - whether with the land, within the research community, or in a designed data-driven exploration space – provides a learning opportunity. At Living Observatory, project-based teams pursue unique explorations that advance our understanding of hydrology, stream ecology, soil science, environmental sensing and more. Each project expands the capabilities of our research field station, and shares findings with the community that answer pressing questions about the response of the environment to restoration interventions.

Collaboration - The greatest limit to knowledge is isolation. Living Observatory encourages collaborative learning across disciplines, demographic differences, institutions and levels of expertise. Shared learning moments promote discussion, brainstorming, new ideas and new collaborations. Through open sharing of information and ideas we seek to evolve our understanding of restoration ecology and find new ways to witness landscape-scale change.

Board of Directors:
Glorianna Davenport
Kate Ballantine
Cheryl King Fischer
Gershon Dublon

Advisory Council:
Charis Durrance
Alex Hackman
Cyndi Jackson
Jessica Norriss
Bob Rosenthal
Charlotte Russell
Paul & Linda Williams