Research of the Living Observatory

Our research covers a wide range of questions concerning how former cranberry farmlands respond to restoration actionsHow quickly does wetland function return to soils? How does ground water discharge change following these actions?  To capture data on the microclimates inherent in wetlands, some of our researchers use small, distributed, low-powered sensor devices to stream climate, soil, water and other environmental data on a number of spatial and temporal scales.  This data is then archived and subjected to rigorous statistical analysis.  For presentation to the general public, the data is used to populate a virtual landscape; users can move across the virtual expanse and time travel in order to explore how different areas of the site respond to the restoration actions and to changes in the climate.

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Design & Implementation

Restoring Historical Hydrology

Inter-Fluve, Inc
Marty Melchior
Nick Nelson

Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration
Alex Hackman

Eric Hutchins

SumCo Ecological Contracting

Tidmarsh Farms
Glorianna Davenport
Evan Schulman

Town of Plymouth
David Gould

Beth Schreier
Helen Castles
Louise Legouis

US Fish and Wildlife
Eric Derleth

Media & Installations

Perceiving the impact

Emerson College
Catherine D'Ignazio

MIT Media Lab, Responsive Environment Group
Joseph A. Paradiso
Gershon Dublon
Brian Mayton
Spencer Russell
Evan Lynch
Vasant Ramasubramanian
Don D. Haddad
Clement Duhart
Qiansheng Li

MIT Media Lab, Object Based Media Group
Michael Bove

Bog People
Halsey Burgund

Media, Tidmarsh Farms, Living Observatory
Ricard Torres-MateLuna
Paula Aguilera
Jonathan Williams
Jessica Norriss
Glorianna Davenport

A native Nursery To Jumpstart the Restoration

Alexey Zinovjev
Irina Kadis

Glorianna Davenport
Claire Esterman



Models + monitoring Of restored Ecological functions

Environmental Protection Agency
Kathleen Wigand
Rose Martin
Stephan Balogh
Nathaniel Merrill
Kate Mulvaney

MIT Sea Grant
Robert Vincent
Meghan Burns - Antioch University

Mount Holyoke College
Kate Ballantine
Nia Bartolucci
Todd Anderson

University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Bill Clement
Christine E. Hatch
John Woodruff

Soil & Ecosystem Services



Return of Hydrologic Functions

MassBays Program
Sara Grady

MA Division of Ecological Restoration
Alex Hackman

MIT Sea Grant
Robert Vincent

University of Massachusetts - Amherst
David Boutt | Bio
Danielle Hare

Town of Plymouth
Kim Tower

Tufts University
James Limbrunner
Jessica Norriss
Sondra Lipshutz

Casey Kennedy

Martin Briggs


Critters who use the landscape

Tidmarsh eBird Online Data

Boston College
Rachel Cho

Massachusetts Audubon Society
Mark Faherty
Robert Buchsbaum

MIT Sea Grant
Robert Vincent

University of Massachusetts - Boston
Alan Christian
Edgar M Franck
Sean McCanty
Thomas Dimino

Lisa Schibley